Truffle Corrington


Look who I found in the garden - Truffle Corrington. He is the newest member of the UME toys lineup. Spouting up to just under 6 inches this little chap is cast in resin and is hand painted meaning each piece is a unique custom toy.

He has been designed so that his mushroom capped head sits perfectly on his body allowing you to pose him for optimum cuteness.

If you would like to add a Truffle Corrington to your collection he will be launching at the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy con on 19-20th July 2014 at our booth, but worry not if you can’t make it down to the show I will be joint releasing him online at 9:00am Saturday 19th on the UME online store. He will be signed and packed with a collector’s card for authenticity for £57 plus shipping.

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Misslady Rainicorn said...

He is too adorable. I want one.

Strawberry said...

Sooo lovely! :3
You make more this characters :3

Joey Stein said...

You have some cool creatures I'm not much on cute but a do like the Truffle Corrington figure. The Poblin dude is also great.