Whilst working on other projects made this little chap, well not so little. A Tiki version of the XL Newt Jnr. @mrsume has claimed him haha!

Poor little chap - he's missing an eye and an arm but he's still tyring to play the cute card. Standing a hairy 3 inches high this zombie custom GeekWok is a true one of a kind - if you fancy adding him to your collection he is up for grabs over at http://umetoys.bigcartel.com/product/zombie-geekwok-eye-popper
Another sleepless night helps me out with the commsion list - loving messing about with Omens at the moment. Here's the latest little 'stoned' one.

We haven't forgotten today is May 4th and we have double the treats lined up for tonight's launch. FIrst up is our release with TOYSREVIL​ of the SithWok limited to Ten pieces worlwide. Alongside this we are also proud reveal a May 4th special edition of Newt Jnr - Newt Maul Jnr. This little chap sits just under 3 inches tall pulling at the heart strings with his fat little fingers and toes. His head is connected via extra strong 'Neo' magnets allowing you to pose him and take it off if you want - each Newt is hand made so no two are the same. If you'd like to own one of our May 4th specials head on over to the UME store at 9:00pm London time May 4th (http://umetoys.bigcartel.com/product/newt-maul-jnr).

Trevor the Tiki Omen is finished and is available via a silent auction. If you would like to add him to your collection email me (umetoys@googlemail.com) with an offer. The bidding starts at £95 including shipping worldwide the best offer over this wins him. The auction will finish on Friday 8th May 2015 at 9pm London time. Good luck...