Pile of parts

Pile of parts by [rich]
Pile of parts, a photo by [rich] on Flickr.

This what 10 hours of casting and tooling looks like - 5 ScamWaves ready to be finished. Got to keep on grafting.

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mellowmut said...

Beautiful work. A few questions if i could. Definately interested in this piece. Big time Soundwave and Cassetticon fan. Keep up the good work

Any idea on price?
Production run size?
Preorder date?

[rich] said...

Hi - Thanks for the comments :-)

As regards your questions:

He stands around 8 inches tall.
Production size - for launch I will be making 5 (2 are already spoken for) as it's such a time consuming piece to produce - I will be making more in the future and also on request with custom paint jobs - price will be around the £125 mark plus shipping - this will include sticker and a blueprint bundle.

Thanks again - Pre order info on it's way soon.