Marty McFly's Radiation suit

Marty McFly's Radiation suit by [rich]
Marty McFly's Radiation suit, a photo by [rich] on Flickr.

I was invited bt the nice people over at Flatties to take part in their 'JUST IN TIME' show - the only rule was any piece produced needed to be a tie in with the awesome Back to the future film series. After a coat of thinking about I picked Marty in his radiation suit (where he pretended to be Darth Vader) - above is the finished sculpt.

For more information on the show head on over to:

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AidenTingley said...

OMG! Thats Awesome!

Verena F. said...

Must have <3

Cerena said...

That looks awesome!

JD said...

Haha that's great :)