About the release of Pembelton Stranglefoot...

Super Slick Pembelton #4 by [rich]

Pembelton seems to be a popular little chap judging by all the questions I've had about him and more importantly his release date. I have really enjoyed making this little chap and want to make Pembelton special for each person ordering himl, to this end I've decided not to do a 'general' release.

What I have been doing is taking requests for colorways from collectors who would like a 'Pembelton' in their collection and producing an individual custom paint job just for them. The price of each Pembelton is £50 including shipping. If you'd like a little Stranglefoot to come and live with you, drop me an email here. I'm working on another couple at the moment and have just cast a small number more -  the next few months are looking to be very, very busy so get in quick.

If you can't wait for an Octo fix the little chap above #4 is up for grabs (he's sporting a lovely black glossy finish with red highlights).
Thanks again for all the support 

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