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The time has come for a new chapter to start in my life, and it's BIG NEWS!

From 28th November I will be heading out of the corporate world of graphic design to start working for myself again, and it's going to be fun.

I've got lots of whopping projects with some really great artists lined up, so keep checking back for information as and when I can talk about it.

I'm also looking for COMMISIONS to help put food on the table at UME HQ, so if you’d like me to work on a project drop me an email (umetoys @ My background is graphic design (major brands) offline and online, but I’m always up for sculpting, toy work and illustrations. I have some availability late December and the end of January – but if you fancy a chat, I am up for talking shop anytime.

Speaking of toy work – I’d love to get involved in more shows in 2012 – if you’ve got one or know of one coming up that you think I’d rock, let me know.

And last but no means least – I’ve also been known to snap a few photos from weddings to pet portraits and everything in-between, to have a look over my portfolio please visit

So here’s to 2012 – exciting times indeed. and

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Harto said...

Only just spotted this post - good luck with everything, and hope 2012 is great year for you :)