How do you?...

I have had a few emails recently asking how I make my models - truth is I make it up as I go along with help from online buddies and google. But I thought I do a cheeky Tiki sculpt this weekend and take some snaps as I go and post them up here - not sure how he's going to turn out, we'll have to see.

To start I like to have a clear vision of what the finished sculpt will look like I like to have a rough sketch of what I'm looking to achieve (this way I be fluid with the design).

Next up it's time to get some wire out to make the armature. I don't always make one, but because this chap was going to be standing I thought I'd start right.

I make a wooden base to attach the armature to to help baking and sculpting.

Time to fill out with some tin foil.

Here comes the clay a mix of Sculpey firm and soft.


And that's it for now - lot's of Dad stuff to do, so will try and get some time later to finish up,

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