Changes are a coming...

Tiki body by [rich]
Tiki body, a photo by [rich] on Flickr.
Hi all,

well the times are a changing over here at UME headquarters and this is going to be reflected in my sites.

I've been using the Umetoys blog for quick posts about my scribbles and toys over the last few years and have enjoyed seeing the visitors grow. Lately I've been asked if I have any items for sale or under development, but have struggled to get my backside in gear to promote myself.

The time has come to push on and get some art out and about that is available for purchase. The first of these will be the custom Tiki head above with a detachable body stand. This will be a limited edition run cast in high quality resin. After I've sorted him there will be a wave of  'mini' Tikis (without detachable heads). If you fancy one drop me an email and I'll notify you when they are finished.

These will be available to buy through the new web store (when I get it up) or in person at this years 'Thought Bubble Festival' at Leeds 19-20 November 2011 - drop in and say hello and pick up some freebies.

Along with the Tiki chaps I'm hoping to have a selection of characters on offer such as Martin Longbottom, Drac, Jeremy and Bonehead and also various drawings, prints and t-shirts. The Zombies seem to be popular as well, there may be something undead in the pipeline as well.

I'm not going to stop the scribbling either but will post updates of these over on Flickr and Tumblr. And for design and photography work I'll be posting on Rubber Rodeo and Umephotography.

I'm really looking forward to seeing where this part of the journey will head - thanks for the read and all the support.


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