Jaspers are now finished...


Jaspers, originally uploaded by [rich].

After spending a lot of time over the weekend sanding and painting Jaspers are ready.

If you'd like to see more of him click here.

Drop me an email If you'd like to own one of my first toys (I've only got 7 out of the first 10 left) and I'll get back to you ASAP (umetoys@googlemail.com). Price wise they are £8 plus postage.

Here's his back story :-)

Jasper was the lonely child of a successful toaster repair man who tragically fell into an industrial 8-slicer and was swiftly turned into a golden brown crumpet of lifelessness.

He’s wasn’t too fussed though. Living under the toast repair mans shadow had been rubbish and now he was a ghost he had more free time to do the things that he’d always wanted to. He played a lot of snooker, learnt Judo and started writing a screenplay for a buddy cop movie that would relaunch the career of Steve Martin.

Sadly though, when Jasper showed Steve what he’d written the rowdy old jokester got all irate and threw a diva fit banishing Jasper from his trailer.

Distraught by his hero’s rudeness, Jasper became filled with vengeful rage and bit the head off a passing otter.

This gave him an incredible bloodlust and soon he was dismembering small woodland creatures and devouring them like they were bourbon biscuits. It was tiny mammal carnage.

So, if you’re ever out and about with a naked mole rat, or perhaps a couple of shitzus, be sure to steer clear of Jasper – the decidedly unfriendly ghost.

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