Free Stickers - Want some?...


Free Stickers - Want some?..., originally uploaded by [rich].

What’s better than something for nothing? How about sticky fun for nothing. I’ve got a fresh batch of hand cut sticker packs to pass on to you guys.

Each pack contains 10 random stickers. “What’s the catch?” I here you ask. Nothing. If you want to get your sweaty little mitts on ’em, all you need to do is drop me an email to and we’ll sort you out ASAP - all we ask is a paypal transaction of £2 to cover the postage and packaging.

Hurry though as stocks are limited. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Runner Susan said...

How much for shipping to the US?

[rich] said...

I reckon a flat £2 will cover all the postage and packaging costs :-)

carmenicole said...

So $2 for the US? :o

Rae! said...

love them!!!!!