The bullet has been bitten


Toy news - the bullet has well and truly been bitten today. After asking a million and one questions about mould making and resin casting I have placed an order for the needed supplies to start producing the my owl toy blanks. A huge thanks goes out to Okkle for all the great advice and tips (check out his Flickr set - he has some awesome work over there).

For the mould I have ordered T28 Silicone Rubber and for the casting DR029F Rigid Polyurethane Resin. I am going to massage the blank before casting - making the wings and feet detachable so these can be cast separately and will be easy to customise on the finished figure.

All I need to do now is all the work and think of a name for him/her - any suggestions?

Keep checking over on my flickr feed for updates. And as always let me know what you think. Don’t be shy I love hearing from you all.

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Green said...

I posted my idea up on toycyte as well, but my name suggestion is Swivel.

I really love the direction this guy is taking.
I like the one wing up, one wing down pose, but I think both down was the best.

keep it up

[rich] said...

Cheers - Thanks for the comments - always good to hear other peoples views.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I think he looks liek an Orvil.

Love the project idea.

G said...

Notwateyseem is the obvious name !

Nice job !

P.Hill said...

Best of luck Rich :)